It’s been a brilliant week of competition for our athletes with so many of them representing both school and club in a whole range of events. It’s a very long list of results to be read but it really underlines the talent emerging throughout our squads. Well done to everyone on your performances – we’re already looking forward to your next one!

Watford Open

A very strong performance at the Watford Open this week for Mattie Delea who produced a new personal best time in the 800m – 2:15.97. A brilliant run for Mattie who really is going from strength to strength across his distances right now.

ESAA Round One

The first round of the English Schools Athletics Association Track and Field Cup took place this week with many of our athletes competing for their schools across a range of events. Each child could do one track and one field event (or the relay) depending on what they were picked for by their teachers. Four different events took place in Essex and the results are as follows:

Ella Fagan – 1500m – 5:47.60 and Javelin – 10.58

Ava Ewan – Long Jump 2.67m, Relay team – 65.1

Grace Smith – 200m – 28.3, Long jump 3.66m

Aisling O’Leary – 800m 2:45.9, Javelin 16.55m

Mara Thomas – 1500m – 5:40.20, High jump 1.29m

Louis Wilkinson – 300m – 45.8, Relay team – 55.3

Zac Thomas – 1500m – 4:44.60, Triple Jump – 10.27m

Esme Thomas – 1500m – 5:49.30, Discus – 9.51m

Daisy Willingale – 300m – 51.1, High jump – 1.20m

Eliza Hobden – 800m – 2.48, Long jump – 3.43m

Stephanie Smith – 300m – 45.5, High jump – 1.23m

Ellie Gray – 1500m – 5:42.5, Discus – 13.25m

Zion Foley – 100m – 12.1, Shot – 9.70m

Tobias Maitland – Hurdles – 14.4, Relay – 51.0

Lee Boka – 200m – 24.2, Long jump – 4.56m

Brooke Carey – 100m – 14.1, Triple jump – 7.54m

Freya Whymark – 200m – 30.3, Relay – 62.0

Jude Hearn – 800m – 2.19.6, Javelin – 21.30m

Nicole Hawkins – 800m – 2:31.5, Discus – 18.15

Katie Hawkins – 1500m – 5:54.2, Relay – 60.4

Sophie Halford – 200m – 30.7, Long jump – 3.03m

Millie Cameron – 300m – 47.4, Discus – 12.53m

Isabel Forrest – 1500m – 5:21.1, Relay – 62.1

Rosie Quirk – 800m – 2:41.2, Discus – 11.28m

Olivia Forrest – 1500m – 4:52.6, Relay – 60.1

Oliver Weston-Stokes – 1500m – 5:19.1, Relay – 54.1

Ava Carter – 200m – 27.6, Relay – 60.1

Hollie Poyton – 800m – 2:32.1, Long jump – 3.77m

Ella Gilder-Briggs – 200m – 26.4, High jump – 1.23m

MESSA Selection

Congratulations to the following athletes who, following district trials, have all been selected to represent Mid Essex in the Essex School Championships:

Ella Gilder-Briggs – JG 100m

Ava Carter – JG 200m

Stephanie Smith – JG 300m

Olivia Forrest – JG 1500m

Mara Thomas – IG 3000m

Erin Delea – IG Discus

Lee Boka – JB 200m

Max Sanderson – IB 800m

Also congratulations to Megan Collett – JG Long jump and Mattie Delea – JB 1500m who have been picked as team reserves.

EYAL Round Two

Our Beagles were on top form at Sunday’s EYAL match hosted by Basildon AC.

A sensational 55 PBs across all our athletes and events just underlines the amazing progress our athletes are making in their training. A very worthy mention to the U13 boys team who managed a PB by every athlete in every event they took part in. And to our U15 girls team who finished as runners up across all events.

It was also really lovely to see a number of athletes making their Beagles or EYAL debuts over the weekend – our team is growing at every match and we are so proud of everyone for coming out and giving their best regardless of whether they are doing their chosen event or something they’ve barely ever done just to help out the team.

And finally our team isn’t just about the athletes. Our EYAL really wouldn’t have been possible without the Beagles team and parents who volunteered as officials throughout the day or managed our team. A huge thank you to Vicky Trevor, Charlotte Carter, Gemma Rodacan, Lee Hawkins, Mark Delea, Emma Delea, Kate Hearn, Jo Savery and Elaine Forrest for the officiating. And to team managers Mark Smith, Angela Hawkins and Gemma Rodacan. Photos by Paul Forrest with additional images from Laura Durn and Laurence Sanderson.

U13 Boys – a team that really has grown both in size and confidence since our first round match and that was rewarded with PB’s throughout. The future is very bright for these boys:

100m – Joe Smith 3rd A string 13.4, Ronnie Marchant 4th B string 15.5

200m – Joe Smith 3rd A string 28.4, Matthew Cottee 4th B string 31.7

800m – Frankie Edwards 3rd A string 2:33.7, Ollie Johnson 2nd B string 2:36.9. Matthew Cottee 2:32.7

1500m – Daniel Smith 5th A string – 5:52.3

75m H – Ronnie Marchant – 4th A string – 17.1

HJ – Matthew Cottee – 2nd A string – 1.25m

LJ – Ollie Johnson – 4th A string – 3.84m, Dylan Ox – 5th B string 2.66m

Discus – Dylan Ox – 4th A string – 9.81m

Javelin – Ronnie Marchant – 3rd A string – 16.08, Daniel Smith B string – 11.66m

Shot – Ollie Johnson 4th A string – 4.91m

4x100m – Daniel / Joe / Matthew / Ronnie – 4th – 64.9

U13 Girls – Again great to see some new talent in this age group and a particular thanks to everyone who had also been doing netball earlier in the day and still came over to take part at the EYAL too – we really did appreciate the doubling up!

100m – Katie Lowe 5th A string 14.8 PB, Libbie Gordon 5th B string 14.9 PB

200m – Hollie Poyton – 4th A string 29.5 PB, Sophie Halford – 3rd B string 30.5 PB. Libbie Gordon – 35.0, Ava O’Neal – 33.2, Eliza Hobden – 30.8 PB

800m – Eliza Hobden – 2nd A string – 2:38.6 PB

75m H – Ava O’ Neal – 4th A string – 16.4

LJ – Eliza Hobden – 5th A string – 3.22m PB, Ava O’Neal – 6th B string – 2.65m PB. Libbie Gordon – 2.26m

4x100m – Hollie / Sophie / Eliza / Libbie – 3rd 59.8

U15 Boys – A small squad but putting their strengths to great effect and working well together saw some good results.

100m – Jake Mitchell – 6th A string 14.4 PB, Charlie Lingley 4th B string – 14.8 PB

200m – Charlie Lingley – 6th A string matching his PB of 32.7

300m – Charlie Lingley – 6th A string matching his PB of 50.5

800m – Jude Hearn – 5th A string 2:25.4, Jake Mitchell – 2nd B string – 2:29.1 PB

1500m – Mattie Delea – 1st A string 4:38.6

LJ – Jude Hearn – 4th A string 4.43 PB, Mattie Delea – 3rd B string – 3.89 PB

Shot – Mattie Delea – 3rd A string 6.62m

Javelin – Jude Hearn – 4th A string 19.90 PB

4x100m – Charlie / Mattie / Jude / Jake – 4th 55.9

U15 Girls – our strongest squad with a brilliant set of results to finish second overall on the day. Very honourable mention for hurdles superstars Mirabelle Richter and Honey Peck who both were leading the way until Mirabelle unfortunately hit a hurdle and then the track, with Honey stopping in the aftermath. Both showed real skill in an unfamiliar event though and really should be applauded for the effort.

100m – Ella Gilder-Briggs – 4th A string – 13.4, Ava Carter – 4th B string – 13.5, Chrissie Omideyi – 14.6 PB

200m – Ella Gilder-Briggs – 1st A string – 26.7, Ava Carter – 2nd B string – 27.6, Honey Peck – 28.1 (matched PB), Daisy Willingale – 31.5

300m – Nicole Hawkins – 3rd A string – 45.0, Stephanie Smith – 1st B string 44.6 PB, Daisy Willingale – 49.9 PB

800m – Nicole Hawkins – 3rd A string – 2:30.6 PB, Daisy O’Connor – 3rd B string – 2:47.6 PB

1500m – Olivia Forrest – 1st A string 4:48.3, Isabel Forrest 2nd B string 5:35.0

75M H – Mirabelle Richter – 3rd A string – 14.6 PB

HJ – Olivia Forrest – 4th A string 1.30m PB, Daisy O’Connor 2nd B string 1.30m PB

LJ – Ellie Gray – 4th B string 3.64 PB, Stephanie Smith – 3rd B string – 3.10 PB

Shot – Katie Hawkins – 6th A string 5.86m, Isabel Forrest 4th B string – 4.24m

Discus – Katie Hawkins – 5th A string 14.69 PB, Olivia Forrest – 5th B string 12.62m PB

Javelin – Nicole Hawkins – 5th A string 5.33 PB, Honey Peck – no recorded throws

4x100m relay – Ella / Ava / Honey / Steph – 3rd 53.5

U17 Men – unfortunately our injury plagued men didn’t quite manage to compete in the range of events they were hoping for this weekend but we did see some brilliant performances, a couple of EYAL debuts and Louis King stepping in and taking on more than he signed up for!

100m – Callum Goodey 2nd A string 11.7 PB, Tobias Maitland 4th B string 12.2 PB

200m – Callum Goodey 2nd A string 23.7 PB, Zion Foley 2nd B string 26.1 PB

400m – Louis King – 6th A string 67.4 PB

800m – Max Sanderson – 2nd A string 2:06.7

1500m – Louis King – 4th A string 5:08.9

100M H – Tobias Maitland – 3rd A string 17.0 PB

HJ – Dean Savery – 3rd A string – 1.60m

LJ – Callum Goodey – 1st A string – 5.50m PB, Tobias Maitland – 2nd B string – 4.91 PB, Zion Foley – 4.92m PB

Discus – Zion Foley – 3rd A string – 24.20m PB, Louis King 4th B string – 12.77m PB

Javelin – Max Sanderson – 5th A string – 21.90m PB, Dean Savery – 1st B string 20.47m PB

U17 Women – once again a one woman effort but, as always, Erin Delea did a brilliant job in both of her events finishing second in discus with a throw of 25.38m and second in shot with a new PB of 9.70m. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Erin for all of her ongoing throws advice and coaching to many of our younger athletes who really wouldn’t have achieved what they did at the weekend without her support.

If your athlete would like to be involved in future EYAL’s, and are in Year 7 upwards the details are all on Spond. Key dates – July 2nd Chelmsford, July 16th Chelmsford, August 6th Brentwood.

Inflatable 5K

One way to liven a 5K run up is to take on a lot of inflatable obstacles at the same time! That was the approach for Rob and Ollie Trevor this weekend, who put all their training to use in a slightly different way! Certainly a fun experience and with a time just over 30 minutes too!

Parkrun / Junior parkrun round up

A good variety of parkrun courses again this week. Wickford Memorial parkrun was popular with Elliot Worth finishing second at Billericay (19:15), Stuart Crowther not far behind in seventh (20.04) and Steve Danby also running well in touching distance of his course PB (21:53).  At Raphael’s parkrun Emily Brewington continued her good form (23:05) whilst at Markshall Estate mildly undulating parkrun Olivia Forrest finished first by just under a minute (18:02).

Sunday’s junior parkrun’s saw another great week of running by our juniors. At Harrow Lodge it was a great week for new personal bests – Lianne Esterhuysen made it two weeks in a row on the PB front going under eight minutes for the first time to finish as first female (7:55). Emily Brewington gained her new and a fourth place finish PB (8:12). George Ebanks beat last week’s debut run with another strong effort (9:40) and Ethan Wilson showed good consistency(10:06). Danél Esterhuysen did another good job with an enthusiastic run (11:25).

Over at Hutton Rec juniors – Liam Worth got his second PB in two weeks to go under 10 minutes (9:55). Nora Heidemans continued to show why she is one of our happiest runners with another good performance (10:22). Joshua Barke had another good Sunday run (11:57) with Penelope Booth just behind him and beating the time of her debut run to get a PB (12:02).

A reminder – if you could please add Brentwood Beagles AC to your parkrun club list (go into manage your profile) – it does help us spot you in the results!

Coming Up

A much quieter week next week with a number of our Beagles in action again for the schools and a BFTTA open at the weekend. Good luck to all in action and remember to send us your results!