Before we get to our Super stars, apologies for the technical gremlins that prevented the scheduled news post going out last week. The good news is that we have a bumper edition this week instead!

Congratulations to all our athletes who have been out representing their different schools districts at the Essex Schools Championships and at the regional round of the English Schools Championship Cup. We’ve also seen some amazing results at the Southern 3000m championships – to take three of the four podiums was a remarkable achievement for the club! Can we also say a massive thank you to everyone who donated to our Brentwood Foodbank donation – we dropped this off on Friday and the team were incredibly grateful for our support.

Essex Schools Championships

Our Beagles were out in force on Saturday (8th) representing a whole range of Essex school districts at the Essex School Championships in Chelmsford. Well done to everyone who competed.

The 800m races were the first events featuring our Beagles. Congratulations to Mattie Delea (JB) who picked up the first Beagles medal winning silver after a confident run to also gain a new 3 second PB of 2:03.13. Missy Tiller (JG) also ran over the distance finishing 6th across the two time trials in a time of 2:25.15.

The 300m is always competitive for our athletes with the junior girls heats seeing a strong second place finish for Nicole Hawkins (43.62) in heat one and Stephanie Smith first in the second heat (43.48). The final saw the two girls push each other to both finish on the podium with Stephanie second (42.49) and Nicole third (43.11).

The Beagles middle distance strength was highlighted further with some great 1500 performances. The junior girls race saw a Beagles one/two with Summer Smith setting a strong pace to finish with the gold medal and a new 12 second PB of 4:36.77. Heidi Woodley stuck with her for much of the race and also gained a new PB along with the silver medal (4:39.74). We also saw brilliant runs in the race for Ellie Gray who finished 4th in heat – 5:19.02 and Katie Hawkins who gained a new PB – 5:36.52. In the junior boys event, Jude Hearn took the silver medal finishing marginally outside his best time in 4:28.36.

The 200m junior girls sprints saw both Ava Carter and Katie Lowe qualify well for the final from their heats with times of 27.54 and 27.87 respectively. A competitive final saw both girls giving their all and beating their heats times with Ava 4th (27.07) and Katie 8th (27.28). In the inter girls 200m, Ella Gilder-Briggs won her heat in 26.53 before picking up the bronze medal in the final with a run of 26.26.

The only Beagles hurdler today was Poppy Horton in the junior girls 75m event. 5th in her heat she was unlucky to miss out on the final with her time of 13.05.

In the intermediate girls 3000m race, Olivia Forrest picked up the gold medal, and championship best time (beating the previous one set in 1996 by 20 seconds), with her run of 9:46.71. Mara Thomas made her debut over the distance to finish 4th in 11:48.04. The intermediate boys race also saw gold for Beagles with Max Sanderson leading the boys home in 8:46.11. Preston Taylor picked up the bronze medal, and a new PB of 9:06.32.

Bravest performance of the day went to Evie Warn who took on the 1500m steeplechase. An awkward first jump over the water jump left her battered leading to a very painful run that still saw her have a sprint finish and pick up the silver medal – 6:04.51.

Well done to David Wilson who medalled in the junior boys javelin. And well done to Hollie Poyton in the junior girls long jump and to Neosochi Onychere in the inter girls triple jump. Unfortunately the field event results have yet to be published so details will be updated when we have them!

Congratulations again to all who competed! And a particular well done to Olivia, Summer, Heidi and Max who have had confirmation of their place in the Essex Schools team for English Schools.

Watford Minors

Sunday’s (9th) Watford Minors event saw 12 of our Beagles head over to compete in up to 3 events. We don’t have the full results yet but we are incredibly impressed with those we do have! Well done to all who competed and thank you to Daniel E for the photos!

Freya Brewington (Yr1) – 75m 15.6 1st, Long Jump 1.71m 1st, 400m – 1:48.3 1st

Evie Foley (Yr4) – 80m – 12.9 2nd, Long jump – 2.55m, 600m – 2:04.5 2nd

Emily Brewington (Yr5) – Hurdles – 13.1 3rd, Long jump – 2.89m, 600m – 2:07.5

Amelie Twydell (Yr7) – Shot 5.17m, 800m – 2:38.8

Isla Foley (Yr5) – 80m – 13.3 3rd, 60m Hurdles – 12.2 1st, Long jump – 2.93m

Mya Ngala (Yr2) – 75m – 12.7 1st, Long jump – 1.86m

Leia Broadhurst
(Yr3) – 400m – 1:25.0 3rd, Long jump – 2.49m 3rd

Danel Esterhuysen (Yr1) – Long jump – 1.95m, 75m 14.6, 400m – 1:30.0 2nd

Lianne Esterhuysen (Yr5) – 80m – 13.8, Long jump – 2.98m, 600m – 2:00.3 3rd

Adam Armour (Yr7) – Shot 6.45m, 800m – 2:52.8, Long jump – 3.95m 1st

Max Cheetham (Yr6) – 100m -14.3 1st, 800m – 3:08.8, Long jump – 3.87m 2nd

Jack Collier
(Yr4) – 80m – 14.7, 600m – 2:27.6, Long jump – 2.82m

Harry Collier (Yr3) – 75m – 14.2, 400m – 1:40.7, Long jump – 1.58m

Southern U15/U17 3000m Championships

Sunday’s (9th) South of England Athletic Association U15/U17 3000 Championships took place in Eton and saw three Beagles champions, one silver medallist and one championship record!

The girls under 15 event saw a gun to tape victory for Summer Smith who held off strong competition in the early laps before pulling away for a 9 second lead over second place. A gold medal and time of 9:45.94. In the same race, and finishing 7th overall, was Isabel Forrest with her time of 11:22.33.

Also taking a gun to tape victory was Max Sanderson in the U17 men’s race. Max started strongly and showed consistency throughout his laps to grow the gap. Finishing first in 8:52.47 he was 11 seconds ahead of the next runner – our very own Preston Taylor who earned himself a second PB in two days. A great effort to take the silver medal – 9:03.81.

Finally the U17 girls race saw a massive solo effort by Olivia Forrest who not only took the gold medal 98 seconds ahead of the competition, but also beat the 22 year old SEAA championship record with her run of 9:27.17.

Well done all! Brilliant results and an amazing set of titles.

Southend Half

Congratulations to Andy Leonard who completed the Southend Half marathon on Sunday 9th coming 133rd overall in a time of 1:32.46. Age group position was 30th!

Walks Relays

Well done to Stuart Bennett and Rachel Lawless who competed in the Relay walks event in Enfield finishing a brilliant 6th team overall!

Parkrun and Junior parkun round up (Sat 8th/ Sun 9th)

We start at Raphael this week where we had a good turn out of Beagles of all ages. Simon Knightbridge* (18:31) was first home finishing 7th, while Ollie Johnson (19:36) ran well to finish 12th. Just 12 seconds behind was Matthew Jones (19:48 PB) who picked up his first sub-20 5k parkrun and continues to show strong improvement. Emily Brewington (22:17) finished 34thDylan Hussain (23:32) 59th and Freya Brewington (30:39) 232nd, just a few seconds outside her PB.

At Billericay, Nora Heidemans (25:00) 57th ran well while Danel Esterhuysen (31:19) and Daniel Esterhuysen (31:20) also enjoyed their morning 5k. At Barking, Keith Thornton* (21:14) finished 11th while at Brentwood we had 3 runners, led in by Alex Young (18:44 PB) who also finished 1st overall, setting a new course best. Also collecting his fastest time at the event was Callum Goodey (21:02 PB) while just 3 places behind in 9th was Stuart Crowther (21:43) who scored the highest age grade at the event of 75.13%.

Finally, at Chelmsford we had 4 runners. Will Gazzard (18:17) ran strongly in a competitive field to finish 7th, while Adam Armour (19:57) also did well to place 31st. Also running were Liam Worth (25:16) and Elliot Worth (25:17).

On Sunday, a sunny morning with a chilly breeze greeted those juniors who were taking part in their 2k runs. There was a strong turnout of Beagles at Hutton Rec with some great performances across the board. Leading in everyone was Daniel Smith (07:57 PB) who broke the 8-minute mark for the first time at the Hutton event while just a handful of seconds behind him in 2nd was Jamie Murphy (08:02 PB) who will surely hit that mark soon. In 7th was Rafe Matthews (08:52 PB) who was another to pick up a PB, well done! 8th place went to Jessica Thomson (09:30), in 11th was Max Morris (09:59), 13th and just 2 seconds outside her PB, Elise Gosling (10:03), 15th went to Jude Matthews (10:23), and 18th to Chloe Thomson* (10:27). In 19th was Camilla Nash (10:28), 20th Joshua Barke (10:36), 21st Bailee Abrahams* (10:48) and 24th Joshua Thomson* (10:52).

Just the 2 runners at Harrow Lodge where there was an impressive performance by Matthew Jones (07:15 PB) who picked up another PB in his 3rd junior event, finishing 2nd overall. Also running well was Finley Smith* (09:24) who finished 15th from a large field of 79 runners. Meanwhile at Chelmsford we had a sole runner but also a first finisher as Oliver Weston-Stokes (07:32 PB) crossed the line 2 seconds in front of a chasing duo, securing his fastest ever run in 82 events.

Finally, at Lake Meadows we had 3runners who all did well in a crowded field of 110 runners! Isaac Norris (07:55 PB) came 2nd in only his 2nd junior event, while Isobel Larner (08:12 PB) ran strongly to secure 4th place & 1st female, beating her prior course best from 11 months ago. Isobel also achieved the high age grade of the day of 75.33%. Finally, in 24th place was Liam Worth (09:36) who was just 4 seconds shy off his course best. Well done everyone who took part this weekend.

Well done to all our runners this weekend. Note for parents, if your child has an * by their name, please help our editors by adding Brentwood Beagles as their club under their parkrun profile (groups). And if you ran, and aren’t featured at all, then please add the club to your profile so we can find you!!! Feel free to contact us if you need help setting this up.

Cambridge Rob McLean Junior Triathlon

Congratulations to Sophie Bickerstaff who took first place in the Tristar 2 category of the Cambridge triathlon at the weekend. A brilliant result and great to see all the hard work paying off. Well done too to Heidi Woodley who finished 6th in the Tristar 3 category, and once again demonstrated her running strength by placing first in that element.

Essex 5000m Championships

On Wednesday night our own Brentwood track hosted the Essex 5000m championships which saw all four of our runners pick up PB’s! Scott Brooks finished first in the Men’s C race with his sprint finish and a time of 17:26.6. Louis King finished 5th in the race with his run of 17:42.3 and Phil Price was 11th in 19:19.1. In the men’s B race Dean Savery ran brilliantly to also finish with a strong sprint and a 4th place of 16:24.4. Well done all!

English Schools Cup – Regional Round

This week saw the regional round of the English Schools Cup take place with an A final and two B finals. Unfortunately the B final results are yet to be released so we will pick these up in next week’s news. However, the A final which took place in Chelmsford saw some great performances from our athletes:

Summer Smith – 1500m – 4:44.0, Discus – 17.78

Aria Sabado – 800m – 2:39.0. Relay (team) – 58.7

Esme Thomas – 800m – 2:41.0, relay (team) – 60.1

Isobel McLennan – High jump – 1.20, relay (team) – 60.1

Aisling O’Leary – 800m – 2:36.0, javelin – 21.09

Katie Hawkins – 1500m – 5:45.0, Discus – 17.26m

Nicole Hawkins – 300m – 43.9, Discus 20.51

Ella Gilder Briggs – High jump 1.29m, 300m – 42.3

Ava Carter – 200m – 27.0, Shot – 5.28m

Jude Hearn – 1500m – 4:26.0, Relay (team) – 53.2

Huge congratulations to all of those who have now qualified with their school teams for the national final in July!

Watford Open

Another Wednesday and another Watford Open! We are pleased to see that Mattie Delea’s PB streak continues with another strong performance over 800m this time with a run of 2:03.28. Max Sanderson took on the 3000m and led through the opening laps to eventually finish with a time of 8:52.07. Great running both! Thanks to Laurence S for the photos.

Crown to Crown

At the Crown to Crown 5K, also on Wednesday night, Preston Taylor picked up a massive new course PB and finished first overall with his run of 16:47. Ollie Johnson also picked up a course PB with his 9th place finish – 19:34. And Matthew Jones finished 15th also with a course PB – 20:12. Brilliant results! Thanks to Paul J for the pictures.

High Easter 10K

On Sunday, Elliot Worth, took on the Essex 10k at High Easter in Chelmsford. A good run from Elliot saw him finish 84th overall and 20th in his age group with his time of 40:41. Super effort Elliot!

Parkrun and Junior parkun round up (Sat 15th/ Sun 16th)

We start our round-up at Raphael where we had 4 Beagles taking part. Simon Knightbridge* (18:22) finished 4th while Jemimah Knightbridge* (21:34) was 34th and 2nd female. A little further back was Emily Brewington (22:32) in 52nd and 3rd female, while sister Freya Brewington (30:22 PB) recorded her parkrun PB and moves closer to a sub-30 minute time, great progress!

At Billericay two runners as Keith Thornton* (20:42) made his course debut finishing 10th while Amalie Twydell (21:38) ran well to finish 21st and 2nd female, also on her first attempt. Meanwhile at Chelmsford, Missy Tiller (19:33) set off at a fierce pace and secured 1st female & 19th place overall from a field of over 800, also scoring an excellent 81.67% age grade. Also doing well in his 10th 5k was Liam Worth (24:09), followed in by Elliot Worth, same time.

At Harrow Lodge, Daisy Middlemiss (24:03 PB) ran well to finish 2nd female and secure a new course best, as did George Middlemiss (25:16 PB). Well done both! Doing some touring in Kent at Pegwell Bay were Ollie Johnson (19:16) and Paul Johnson (19:17) finishing 13th and 14th respectively in their first attempts.

Finally at Brentwood, Alex Young (18:42 PB) was first finisher for the 2nd week running, finishing a comfortable 30 seconds clear of the runner-up. Isabelle Young (22:20 PB) was also in fine form, taking the 10th token and claiming a course best by well over a minute. Dylan Hussain (24:57) also ran well finishing 34th.

On Sunday, a bright and breezy morning greeted our 2k runners with a great turnout at Hutton Rec of 12 Beagles. Blossom Smith (08:47) was the first to cross the line finishing 2nd overall while not far behind in 5th was Nadia Price (09:01 PB). 6th went to Ethan Wilson (09:07), 10th Jessica Thomson* (09:33), 11th Willow Smith (09:47), 12th Nora Heidemans (09:52), 16th Max Morris (10:27), 18th Chloe Thomson* (10:36), 19th Camilla Nash (10:36), 25th Daniel Smith (11:05), 30th Joshua Thomson* (11:28) and 37th Bailee Abrahams (11:51).

There was also a great turn out at Harrow Lodge with 10 runners. 1st over the line was in-form Matthew Jones (07:23), closely followed by Isabel Forrest (07:36) in 2nd. Lianne Esterhuysen (08:03) claimed 3rd while Ezra Zion-Gooch (09:06 PB) finished 9th and picked up a course best. 10th went to Finley Smith* (09:16) Ethan Wilson* was 12th (9:36), Zachary Watson* 14th (9:42), 16th Danel Esterhuysen (10:05 PB) and Oliver Jones* 26th (10:49).

At Lake Meadows, just one runner with Isaac Norris (07:59) running well to claim 4th and at Chelmsford also just a sole runner in Adam Armour (07:59) finishing in 3rd.

Well done everyone who took part this weekend.

Coming up

Good luck to all our athletes who will be competing at the ISA National Championships in Birmingham on Monday. We also have more school’s action with some of the school district competitions this week. There will also be weekend athletics at the BFTTA Open, the Loughborough BMC and the Benfleet 1.5 miles. We have high hopes for you all!