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Fundraising is important! We have big ambitions at BBAC to support a range of athletes who wish to train and for many who wish to compete.  Some of these activities can be quite expensive and in these current times of financial hardship, not everyone will be able to afford to join a club, buy kit, or travel to competition.


We are firmly committed to supporting such athletes and will create a hardship fund to support our members who may otherwise struggle to participate in this great sport.

You can help us to achieve this in a variety of ways.  Some are straightforward and require little or no intervention from you and you can help to raise money for the club by shopping though links that help create income for the club without impacting the price of what you pay!

We are currently exploring other ways in which you can help but clearly, if you work for a major company in the area and think your employer’s Community Engagement Team may be able to help, please reach out to us here.


For now, let us introduce the EasyFundraising service.

It couldn’t be easier, costs absolutely nothing extra for you, and helps to ensure that our athletes can access the coaching, equipment and opportunities that they deserve. Participating retailers will donate up to 15% of what you spend.

Once you’ve registered, whenever you shop with one of our retailers, The Easy Fundraising system makes a note of your purchase, collects the affiliate payment from the retailer and passes it onto us.

There are currently over 200 retailers participating in the scheme, including: Amazon; ASOS; eBay; Expedia;; John Lewis; and, Marks & Spencer

…and many, many more!

How can you help via EasyFundraising?  Click here



Another way in which you can help us in the early stages of our Club launching is to participate in the My Club Lotto weekly online lottery.

My Club Lotto is a weekly online lottery. The draw takes place every Saturday night at 8pm.

Each ticket costs £1 per week and consists of six numbers. The more numbers you match in a draw the bigger the prize you win.

Players choose who their ticket purchase will support. They can either support the My Club Lotto Community (funds are distributed to the community by a committee) or they can choose Brentwood Beagles Athletics Club.

There are a range of payment options. Players can pay:

  • Monthly via Direct Debit
  • Monthly via Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard etc.)
  • One off payment via Debit Card of either: One month (five weeks); Three months; Six months; or Twelve months

Players are notified by email when they win. To claim their winnings, they log in to the My Club Lotto site and choose to either have the winnings paid directly into their nominated account or donate their winnings back to the good cause!

Each £1 ticket sees 60% go to good causes (of which we receive 45% and the balance goes to the My Club Lotto community fund), 20% funds prizes and 20% goes to admin and VAT.

If you want to help us this way, click here.


Please note for full transparency… The links above are essentially affiliate links that help us to earn a small amount of additional income to support our athlete hardship fund.

BBAC is a Not for Profit, Community Sports Club and not a Charity.  For the avoidance of doubt any fundraising support provided to the club will not attract gift aid support!