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It’s difficult to imagine how we could deliver high quality facilities and coaching without the amazing support of our partners, sponsors and friends of the club.  If you like to help us out, we’d love to hear from you and we are always happy to discuss our range of sponsorship opportunities.  Click here to drop us a line.

We start by highlighting our most important partner in the availability and delivery of our club – Brentwood School.

Brentwood School’s values are at the centre of everything they do. Although the words from the school motto – ‘Virtue, Learning, Manners’ – were written in 1622, they remain remarkably timeless. They guide the school’s core purpose in helping young people discover and develop their talents with both self-assurance and humility.

The school has a hugely successful track record in preparing pupils for a fast-paced and ever-changing world, capable of  excelling in many areas – academically, in the visual and performing arts and in sports.

We are very lucky to have Brentwood School as a key partner.

Race Ultras specialise in Endurance Sports activities and in particular, coaching and high performance training and kinesiology regarding events over Marathon distance in length.  Using state of the art testing, assessment and the use of comprehensive data models, Race Ultras are able to build bespoke science driving training programmes based on hugely successful achievements by athletes, proven training methods and access to testing regimes such as lactate and VO2 Max testing.

Whether you are training for your next Marathon or contemplating your first IRONMAN, our partner, Race Ultras are able to help.

Lee Middleton is one of the leading sports therapists in the region. Since gaining his Sports Massage Diploma in 2003 he has successfully operated a full time clinic within Fitness First Romford. Continuing with his CPD courses each year to improve his knowledge and hands on skills, Lee stays at the leading edge of therapies and treatments relevant to track and field athletes.

He has worked with many professional athletes of different sports, including a WWE wrestler, professional footballers, golfers, bodybuilders, olympic athletes, ultra runners and world class dancers.​

His own background as a competitive athlete means that he has personally suffered with injuries in the past, this gives him a passion to help others overcome their injuries and to achieve their sporting goals.


We are eternally grateful for the support and cooperation of our close partner Brentwood School Sports Centre.  Without the help of the team behind the Sports Centre and their amazing grounds keeping team, we would not have access to some of the very best facilities in the County.

We ask our members and visitors to help us to help the sports centre by keeping the track and surrounding areas free from litter and reporting any issues or damage to a club official or member of the coaching team.  We also ask members and visitors to do their best to reduce the parking burden by considering drop and go and/or arriving by public transport/on foot.

Ecaveo Capital Partners are a boutique strategic advisory and corporate finance practice focused on a range of investment areas and asset classes.  With a keen eye on value creation and expert guidance in the difficult to navigate area of film as an asset class, Ecaveo has many years experience of financing, structuring, building and advising ventures on all aspects of growth from bootstrap through to capital events.

One of our partners, Ecaveo have helped with us to ‘bootstrap the club’ as part of their ESG/Community Engagement Activities.


U.S Sports Scholarships has successfully helped hundreds of student-athletes from all over the world with their placement at American schools and colleges since 2008. Like no other service provider offering similar services U.S Sports Scholarships comprises a management team who have all been through the process themselves.  They only offer a maximum of 50 places on their programme each year, they are NCAA compliant and most importantly they support their athletes throughout their entire time in America both during their studies and beyond.

Whether you’re interested in soccer scholarships, rugby scholarships, golf scholarships, tennis scholarships, basketball scholarships or athletics scholarships they have the in-house expertise to help you.