This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week. We discuss how important sport is in helping with Mental Health yesterday. Today’s post in support of National Mental Health Awareness Week explores what a young athlete can do to look after their mental health.


Staying connected with your coach, friends and family on a regular basis can help give you a real boost with your mental health. But how about some other simple to implement changes? If in doubt, talk to others… you’ll be surprised at how willing others are to engage when you genuinely need the help.

If you missed yesterday’s post, we discussed how sport has a tremendous opportunity to help an athlete’s mental health. So… sport is good, but what specifically can a young athlete do to ensure their mental health is protected? England Athletics are working with Believe Performant and have produced this great infographic to help answer the question… See more from Believe Perform here. More on what we can do to help at BBAC can be found here.

Join tomorrow to hear from BBAC’s own Mental Health Ambassador, Jennie on her take on mental health issues in her Q&A. Want to know more or need help? Reach out here.