We spent a lot of time at Watford this week! But they were definitely worth while trips with some brilliant results for our athletes. Excitingly for the news this week we have an event we haven’t covered before… Bobsleigh! Read on for the details.

Watford Wednesday

A beautiful Wednesday evening at Watford was matched by some beautiful performances by our Beagles over 1500m and 3000m.

First the 1500m races saw Madison Kindler run strongly, building on her recent experiences to run a new PB of 4:41.00 placing her 10th all time U13 girl. Louis King also picked up a new PB in his race with a confident performance – 4:30.81.

The first 3000m race saw a fast start from Mattie Delea who continued strongly to earn himself a new PB – 9:52.08. In the same race Ollie Johnson and Isabel Forrest pushed each other along well both finishing just outside their PBs with 10:54.97 and 10:59.89 respectively. The last race of the evening saw Max Sanderson survive some early race elbowing to run tactically and push the pace in his last lap picking up a new PB of 8:37.76 in the process.

Bobsleigh News!

Yes it’s a surprising addition to our club news but we are beyond proud to announce that Beagles sprinter James Gillingham has been taking part in the Great Britain trials for the Bobsleigh team following a referral from head coach Paul. Do check out the video here showing James in action. The whole club wishes him great luck with the next round of the trials after passing through the last round with a strong time.

While Great Britain can’t claim to be the home of bobsleigh, it does have a strong case to be the founder of the sport. The invention of bobsleigh has been ascribed to a group of Englishmen on holiday in St Moritz in Switzerland in the late 1800s, while there are also pictures from the early 1880s of boys at Harrow School hurtling down snowy slopes on toboggans tied together.

The first purpose-built track solely for bobsleds opened in 1902 just outside of St Moritz, with that track and many of the ones that followed featuring a straight run rather than the twists and turns we are used to today.

British Bobsleigh was officially formed in 1927 in New York as the UK governing body for the sport and in 1980 the association was incorporated to become the British Bobsleigh Association Ltd. The BBA merged with the British Bob Skeleton Association to become the BBSA in 2015.

Watford EYAL

Thank you to everyone who came over to Watford on Sunday for the second round of our EYAL campaign. It was a lovely day for athletics and we saw some brilliant Beagles performances which led to us accumulating almost 60 more points than our first round match. As a team we finished 5th overall with the U15 girls and U13 boys teams both finishing 3rd.

A particularly special thanks to all our brilliant parent volunteers who stepped up to officiate or help out with team management – it was great to see so many people involved and willing!

A particular well done to this round’s biggest point scorers – Adam Armour, Missy Tiller and Preston Taylor. You are on our rewards list!

Our next EYAL match takes place in Cambridge on June 2nd so please do hold the date and come and join us. We missed out on 4th place by only 3 points – that’s just one more Beagle competing! Every point really does matter. We will circulate an event choice form soon.

Our U13 teams were full of enthusiasm at the Watford EYAL with athletes experimenting with event choice and building on their previous bests. The event is a brilliant learning opportunity for this group and a great opportunity for their coaches to see how they perform against their peers. Well done to the whole U13 team – we were really impressed with your efforts!

U13 girls:
Betsy Gilder-Briggs: 100m – 16.8,
Dolci Hoyte: 100m – 14.9,
Ava O’Neal: 200m – 32.0, 800m – 2:56.5, Hurdles – 13.8
Robyn Colyer: 200m – 30.1, Long Jump – 3.72m, Javelin – 17.41m
Madison Kindler: 1500m – 5:08.7, High Jump – 1.10m, Shot – 5.13m
Aria Sabado: 1500m – 5:32.9, Long jump – 2.86m, Javelin – 12.07m

Relay team – 62.1

Kairhys Hoyte: 100m – 14.5, 200m – 31.6, Javelin – 11.27m
Max Massarella: 100m – 14.7, 200m – 30.8,
George Middlemiss: 800m – 2:58.0, Long jump – 2.46m,
Ollie Trevor: 800m – 3.00.0, Long jump – 2.65m,
Daniel Smith: 1500m – 5:27.0,
Adam Armour: 1500m – 5:45.1, Shot – 6.55m, Javelin – 18.24m
Ronnie Marchant: Hurdles – 16.5, Shot – 4.79m, 100m – 15.7
Henry Willingale: 800m – 2:50.6
Jacob Stanley: LJ – 2.24m, 200m – 38.0, Javelin – 7.48m

Relay – 61.5

Once again our biggest contingent of athletes were our U15s who between them worked well as a team to maximise their scoring potential by covering off most events. Brilliant to see so many PB’s achieved too!

Ava Carter: 100m – 13.3, 200m – 27.2
Katie Lowe: 100m – 13.5 (PB), 200m – 27.7 (PB)
Daisy Willingale: 100m – 13.8 (PB), 200m – 30.0
Honey Peck: 100m – 13.5 (=PB), 200m – 27.8,
Poppy Horton: 200m – 27.4, Hurdles – 12.6 (PB), Long jump – 4.55m (=PB)
Stephanie Smith: 300m – 42.7 (PB)
Nicole Hawkins: 200m – 27.5 (PB), 300m – 42.9 (PB), Discus – 18.78m (PB)
Missy Tiller: 800m – 2:18.5, 300m – 44.2 (PB), Long jump – 4.20m
Daisy Middlemiss: 800m – 2:37.0 (PB), Javelin – 9.23m (PB), Long jump – 3.23m (PB)
Isabel Forrest: 1500m – 5:17.1, Shot – 4.05m
Ellie Gray: 1500m – 5:17.1 (PB)
Katie Hawkins: Shot – 6.90m (PB), Discus – 16.66m (PB)
Zaimah Ahmed: Javelin – 7.91m (PB), 300m – 54.8 (PB)

Relay A – 52.4
Relay B – 54.2

Adam Staunton: 100m – 13.5 (PB), 200m – 27.5 (PB)
Frankie Edwards: 100m – 16.0 (PB), 800m – 2:34.8, Javelin – 7.18m
Mattie Delea: 200m – 26.8 (PB), 800m – 2:12.8 (PB), Shot – 7.16m
Jude Hearn: 300m – 41.6 (PB), 1500m – 4:38.7, Long jump – 4.87m (PB)
Ollie Johnson: 300m – 48.1, 1500m – 5:30.0, Long jump – 3.75m
Charlie Lingley: 300m – 48.0, 800m – 2:53.1 (PB)
Jake Mitchell: Shot – 8.13m (PB), 200m – 28.5 (PB), 800m – 2:21.8 (PB)
Matthew Jones: Javelin – 6.18m (PB), 800m – 2:44.3

Relay – 52.3

Our entire U17 teams featured just 7 athletes at Watford given the focus on upcoming exams. Those attending all produced some great performances versus the competition and we were really pleased at their achievements.

Ella Gilder-Briggs: 100m – 13.1 (PB), 200m – 26.3 (PB)
Olivia Forrest: 800m – 2:18.4, 1500m – 4:51.8, Triple jump – 8.79 (PB)
Tobias Maitland: 100m – 12.0 (PB)
Wayne Imbuwa: 100m – 12.1 (PB), 200m – 24.6 (PB)
Cyril Coniah Uzodike: 100m – 14.5 (PB), High jump – 1.40m (PB)
Preston Taylor: 400m – 59.0 (PB), 800m – 2:08.0, 1500m – 4:27.7
Max Sanderson: 1500m – 4:09.8, Javelin – 26.82m

Men’s relay – 51.8

Schools News

Really pleased to hear of some more school’s success for our athletes. Congratulations to Aria Sabado who came first in her 800m at the Chelmsford School’s Cup with a new PB of 2:37.84. Well done too to Summer Smith who took victory in the 1500m and to Missy Tiller who took victory in the older age group 800m. We also saw a great run from Caitlin Phillips who finished 3rd in the 1500m (6:03.91).

Parkrun and Junior parkun round up

Starting at Raphael where we had no less than 10 Beagles turning up and a first female finisher in the shape of Lianne Esterhuysen (20:40) who finished 28th overall and tied her course best. Further towards the front were Simon Knightbridge* (18:31) in 8th and Keith Thornton* (20:26 PB) 10th, while just 3 places behind Lianne, was Oliver Weston-Stokes (20:59) who also tied his best time with Laura Durn (21:46) finishing 2nd female in 42nd. Danel Esterhuysen (28:35), Isla Johnson (28:36), Daniel Esterhuysen (28:36) and Paul Johnson (28:37) finished as a quartet bridging the top 200 while a little further back was race walker Stuart Bennett (32:49).

Just the one runner at Billericay as Elliot Worth (20:15) finished 6th while at Sherringham on the Norfolk coast, Sophie Bickerstaff (23:12) finished 26th and 2nd female. Closer to home at Chelmsford, Reggie Edwards (18:33) ran strongly to finish 5th overall, while Adam Armour (20:41) was 44th.  Finally, at Brentwood, just the one runner as Isabelle Young (23:46 PB) ran well to finish 15th and 1st female, and picked up her course PB, great running!

Finally, the sun shone for our juniors on Sunday with many turning out at Hutton Rec.  The good weather brought out some great performances with a host of new PB’s to celebrate. Ethan Wilson (08:23 PB) was the first runner home, just edging out Blossom Smith (08:24 PB) in 2nd. Nadia Price (09:03 PB) finished 4th, Jessica Thomson* (09:26 PB) 5th, Max Morris (09:49), Willow Smith (10:01 PB) 8th, Chloe Thomson* (10:29) 12th and Camilla Nash (11:09) 20th.

At Chelmsford juniors, Adam Armour (07:30 PB) picked up a 3rd place and an 8 second PB, great work Adam.

Well done to all our runners this weekend. Note for parents, if your child has an * by their name, please help our editors by adding Brentwood Beagles as their club under their parkrun profile (groups). Feel free to contact us if you need help setting this up.

Coming up

Another busy, busy week ahead.  We celebrate the 70th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile, take on the Ashton 3k and Crown to Crown 5k, there are loads of school events and we have a whole weekend of Essex Championship action!