It’s been an incredibly exciting week of new ventures as our club kicked off the new Eastern Young Athletics League season in style with a third-place finish! Incredible given the number of athletes competing at other events or still on holiday. We are very excited about the potential of the team at the next event which takes place in just a couple of weeks on the 5th May! Do look out for an email with details in if your athletes is a U13/15/17. Elsewhere we are really pleased to have also seen the start of the triathlon season with a set of interesting events featuring a number of Beagles. And finally – we are really pleased to introduce you to our new race-walking squad – do say hello if you see them on Thursday’s. We look forward to integrating some race-walking sessions into our group activities in the near future.


Thank you to everyone who came and represented #teambeagles at our first EYAL match this season. Taking place at Thurrock on Sunday – we were thrilled that we finished third overall! 

Full posts on our U13, U15 and U17 team performances are below but we wanted to say a big thank you to all our volunteers who gave up their time and officiated at the fixture which is what allows us to be part of the EYAL to start with! So thank you Jacqui Parker-Warn, Laurence Sanderson, Charlotte Carter, John Armour, Angela Hawkins, Elaine Forrest, Lee Hawkins, Paul Johnson, Emma Delea, Laura Durn, Neil Jones, Jules Tiller and anyone else I have missed! We are very lucky to have you! Likewise – thank you for all the photos @coach66flix.

We also wanted to underline that EYAL really is a team competition and that we are incredibly grateful to all our athletes who went entirely out of their comfort zone in order to help the club score as many points as they can. Our top point scorers at this weekend’s EYAL were:

Max Sanderson – 14 points

Adam Armour, Preston Taylor, Robyn Colyer and Nesochi Onyechere – 12 points

Huge congratulations to these five athletes – we will have rewards for you soon!

First up is our EYAL review of our under 13 teams. Made up of lots of athletes with limited competition experience we are incredibly proud of how they all threw themselves into the competition and gave it their all! So much promise and potential for the season – well done to everyone for the brilliant results! 


Natanya Itiola: 100m -15.1 PB, Long Jump – 2.52m PB

Betsy Gilder-Briggs: 100m – 17.2 PB

Ava O’Neal: 200m – 30.8 PB, 800m – 3:02.9, 70m hurdles – 16.0 – 8 points 

Robyn Colyer: 200m – 32.6 PB, long jump – 3.76m, javelin – 13.93m PB – 12 points 

Emily Johnson: 100m – 17.2 PB

A relay team – 62.4

B relay team – 66.6


Ronnie Marchant: 100m – 16.1, 200m – 34.0, Long jump – 2.78m PB

Kairhys Hoyte: 200m – 30.2 PB, High Jump – 1.15m PB

Jacob Stanley: 800m – 3:12.6 PB, Shot – 4.31m PB

Daniel Smith: 1500m – 5:31.4, Javelin – 12.73m

Adam Armour: 1500m – 5:32.0, Shot – 6.29m PB, Javelin – 20.27m PB – 12 points 

Our U15 team saw the biggest age group of Beagles participating across a wide range of events. 


Ava Carter: 100m – 13.4, 200m – 27.9

Katie Lowe: 100m – 13.8 PB, 200m – 29.1

Stephanie Smith: 300m – 44.7

Nicole Hawkins: 300m – 44.6 PB, 200m – 28.1 PB

Missy Tiller: 800m – 2:17.5 PB, Long jump – 4.28m PB

Hollie Poyton: 800m – 2:36.0, long jump – 3.76m, 

Ellie Gray: 1500m – 5:20.0 PB

Evie Abbott: 75m hurdles – 13.1 PB, 100m – 14.1

Eleanor Angeli: Shot – 6.62m, Discus – 12.78m PB, Javelin – 11.8m PB

Katie Hawkins: Shot – 6.62m, Javelin – 8.98m PB, Discus – 13.85m

Honey Peck: 100m – 13.5 PB

Relay A – 53.5

Relay B – 55.2


Adam Staunton: 100m – 13.7, 200m – 28.5 PB

Mattie Delea: 200m – 27.7 PB, 1500m – 4:50.9

Frankie Edwards: 300m – 52.8 PB, 800m – 2:31.6, Javelin – 9.53m PB

Ollie Johnson: 300m – 48.0 PB, Long jump – 3.75m, 1500m – 5:25.8

Matthew Jones: 800m – 2:43.8 PB

Jude Hearn: 1500m – 4:33.9

Benjamin Anderson: High jump – 1.35m PB, Long jump – 3.82m PB, Javelin – 15.29m PB

Thomas Anderson: High jump – 1.20m PB, Discus – 15.94m PB, Long jump – 3.23m PB

Orly Morton: Shot – 7.26m PB, 1500m – 4:52.4 PB

Our U17 EYAL squad was our smallest but still produced some brilliant results. 


Nesochi Onychere: 100m – 13.9 PB, 200m – 28.8 PB, Discus – 16.75 PB – 12 points 

Ella Gilder-Briggs: 200m – 27.3, 300m – 44.2 PB

Aisling O’Leary: 800m – 2:40.2 PB

Evie Warn: 1500m – 5:00.8, Shot – 5.62m PB

Relay – 51.6


Tobias Maitland: 100m – 12.6, 200m – 25.9

Preston Taylor: 400m – 59.4 PB, 800m – 2:12.2, 1500m – 4:30.0 – 12 points 

Max Sanderson: 1500m – 4:04.4, Long jump – 3.65m PB, Javelin – 32.11m PB – 14 points 

Race Walking!

For those of you who particularly observant, you may have noticed that we now have a group of racewalkers at the club on Thursday’s. Led by coach Stuart Bennett who himself is a leading veteran race walker currently in training for the European Masters taking place in Porto Santo in May! Congratulations to Stuart on his two recent results – last Saturday at the Enfield league over 10,000m, Stuart finished 4th in 65:09.0. And then this Wednesday he took part in a Chase the Sun 10K event at the Olympic Park in London finishing the distance in 63:29.

Top Flight Race – Battersea 5K

Testing her legs over 5K at a new series of Elite races by the RunThrough team, Olivia Forrest, took on a number of elite women in the event at Battersea Park. Youngest in the race by many years, Olivia finished 1st U18W and 9th female in 17:37 with a time that would have won the female category in the RunThrough race that followed!

Orion Pentathlon – Results!

We finally have the results of last week’s Orion Pentathlon. Well done again to all who competed.

Evie Foley – 50m: 8.5, 400m 1.25, Standing Long Jump: 1.51m, Howler, 10.2m – Highest female score in age group!

Nathaniel Milczarek-Palomares – 50m: 8.3, 400m 1.35, Standing Long Jump: 1.72, Howler, 24m – Highest score in age group!

Elise Gosling  – 50m: 8.3, 400m 1.31, Standing Long Jump: 1.52m, Howler, 8.5m – Highest female score in age group!

Lianne Esterhuysen – 75m: 14.2, 600m: 2.02, Standing Long Jump: 1.77m, Howler: 17.35m

Adam Armour – 200m: 33.2, Shot: 6.81m, HJ: 1m, LJ: 3.35m – Highest score in age group!

Daniel Ayandare – 75m: 9.6, 600m: 2.06 Standing Long Jump: 2.02m, Howler: 28.95m – Highest score in age group!

Michelle Ayandare – 50m: 8.9, 400m 1.55, Standing Long Jump: 1.72m, Howler, 24m

Liam Worth – 50m: 9.1, 400m 1.31, Standing Long Jump: 1.50m, Howler, 10.1m

Parkrun and Junior parkun round up

With Spring well & truly in the air, weekend conditions were ideal for our Beagles taking part in Parkrun. On Saturday, Scott Brooks (17:49) took on Valentines for the first time and secured a 1st finisher spot while at Raphael, Simon Knightbridge* (19:07) finished 7th from a field of over 350. Keith Thornton* picked up a new PB and finished 15th (20:28). Isabelle Young (21:39) had a great run to finish 2nd female and 31st overall. Picking up a course best was Dylan Hussain (23:11 PB), finishing 45th while Mathew Jones (24:06) also ran well to place 63rd.

At Barking, Dean Savery (17:11 PB) ran a new course best by 1 second, finishing 2nd while Will Gazzard (18:12) was another stronger performer, finishing 7th in his 1st appearance on the course. There was a good turnout at Chelmsford with 5 Beagle runners taking part. Reggie Edwards (18:34) had a superb run to finish 3rd from over 800 runners, while Frankie Edwards (20:31 PB) secured a course best by 25 seconds and finished 36th overall. Also breaking their course best time was Laura Durn (21:13 PB), an improvement of 81 seconds over her previous fastest time! In 103rd was Nadia Price (22:21) closely followed by Phil Price* (22:22). Ethan Wilson (23:14) took on the event for the first time and finished comfortably in the top 150 runners.

Just the one Beagle at Brentwood as Stuart Crowther (22:41) finished 6th while at Wickford Elliot Worth (21:02) was on pacing duties for Lianne Esterhuysen (21:02) who ran confidently throughout to finish 1st female and 13th overall on her debut run at the course. Lianne also picked up the highest age grade of the day both at the event and from all our Beagles with 81.14%. Great running!

At Chalkwell Beach Ollie Johnson (19:23 PB) ran strongly finishing 14th and collecting a best new time, while Paul Johnson (20:51 PB) also ran well, finishing 30th overall.

Meanwhile, over in Australia Rob Trevor (18:36) picked up a first finisher at Yarrabilba with Oliver Trevor (28:59)30th, and Vicky Trevor (47:21) 66th. Also still enjoying their break down under were Joshua Thomson* (31:42), Chloe Thomson* (35:57) and Jessica Thomson* (39:57) who ran at Lake Claremont.

On Sunday, we had several runners at Harrow Lodge, with Emily Brewington (08:39) running well to finish 2nd, Finley Smith* picking up a new PB in 4th (9:24) while just a few places back was Willow Smith (10:13) in 5th. Jack Collier* finished 6th (10:15) and Freya Brewington (11:45) was 19th from a field of over 60. Finally, at Hutton Rec., Robert Barke (08:36) led from the off to finish 1st while Liam Worth (09:14 PB) ran his fastest ever 2km finishing 4th , beating his previous JPR best by 18 seconds. Also running well to finish 10th was Joshua Barke (10:28).

Well done to all our runners this weekend. Note for parents, if your child has an * by their name, please help our editors by adding Brentwood Beagles as their club under their parkrun profile (groups). Feel free to contact us if you need help setting this up.

Triathlon News

Another new addition to our newsletter but as hit the start of triathlon season we want to start celebrating the achievements of our members who also compete across these multisport events. Remember – Brentwood Beagles is affiliated to British Triathlon as a club and as a member of the Beagles you can also compete in triathlons for the club. If you have any questions about this just ask!

This weekend saw three exciting events take place with some great results for the start of the season!

Supertri E World Championship Triathlon Relays

A different twist on the triathlon event took place on Saturday at the London Aquatic Centre which saw athletes take on a pool swim followed by a static bike ride and a treadmill run which both take place in the virtual world of Zwift! Competing as teams in the event Heidi Woodley’s East Region team finished a super 4th whilst Summer Smith’s London Region team finished as winners of the event! Congratulations to both.

Basildon Aquathlon

The Basildon Aquathlon took place at Basildon Sporting Village on Sunday afternoon. For those unfamiliar, an Aquathlon is a continuous swim and run event with an (ideally) quick transition in the middle!

The Tristar 3 (year 8/9 age) event is a 400m swim followed by a 2.4km run. With a competitive race against some experienced athletes, it was ultimately won by Summer Smith (14:55.78) with Heidi Woodley finishing in second (15:51.77).

The Tristar 2 event (year 6/7 age) consists of a 250m swim followed by a 1.8km run and saw two Beagles compete for the first time at such an event. Robert Pearson finished 15th overall (14:20.96) whilst Jamie Murphy was not far behind in 17th (14:50.87).

The Tristar 1 event (year 4/5 age) seem a 150m swim followed by a 1.2km run and saw another podium for one of our Beagles. Congratulations to Ollie Kindler who finished in third place (9:18.41).

Also competing at the event in the Adult category which sees competitors taking on a 400m swim and a 5km run, was Robin Smith, who finished second in his age group (26:47.37).

We can’t wait to watch your progress over the season!

European Biathle Trials

Biathle is one of the disciplines under modern pentathlon, and similar to an aquathlon it involved swimming and running. Unlike an aquathlon however, you run twice – so it is a continuous run-swim-run. Three of our Beagles headed to Blackpool for the event. Madison Kindler competing as a U13 had to compete in both a heat and a final because of the popularity of our age group. With her distances 400m run, 50m swim and 400m run, it’s a very fast event. Madison took things in her stride though finishing fastest qualifier in the heats with her time of 3:40.18. Returning for the final later in the day, an unfortunate mishap in the post swim transition, saw her lose some time before finishing in a brilliant second place in 3:40.60. The U15 race consists of an 800m run, a 100m swim and an 800m run. Isabel Forrest put in a really good performance to finish 13th overall in 7:55.42. Finally, reigning U17W European Biathle Champion, Olivia Forrest, was determined to qualify to defend her title. Competing as a U17 over a 1200m run, 200m swim and 1200m run, she took an early lead in the first run and didn’t look back finishing first in 11:11.35.

Coming up

It’s already time for another Watford Wednesday – this week it’s the turn of the 800 along with the 3000 so good luck to all the Beagles seeking a new PB! Even more exciting it’s London Marathon weekend! We have lots of Beagles representing the East and Havering on Saturday in the mini marathon championship race, some running for their schools in the schools races and on Sunday we have some Beagles tackling the full marathon! Away from the roads and back on track, lots of Beagles are also headed to the Medway and Maidstone Open on Sunday! Good luck to everyone looking for a new PB!

Remember – if you are competing – anywhere / anytime please do let us know and send us your photos! We would love to include you in our weekly news round up.